Textbooks Return Policy

We will be happy to offer a full refund so long as:

  • you have your sales receipt
  • the book is in the same condition that you purchased it in,
  • shrinkwrapped items are returned unopened

Return Deadlines

Returns must be made on or before the following term deadlines, or within one week of dropping a course:

Fall and Fall/Winter Terms: 3 weeks from the first day of classes.
Winter Term: 2 weeks from the first day of classes.
Spring, Spring/Summer, and Summer Terms: 1 week from the first day of classes.

Circumstances Beyond Our Control...

Finally, much of our textbook return policy is dictated by policies set by textbook publishers. If one of these policies is affecting your return and is beyond our control, we will be happy to provide you with the publisher's phone number.

If you have questions comments or concerns about our returns policy please contact us.