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The Mission of the Bookstore is to provide required course materials at the lowest prices possible. To that end we encourage Faculty to adopt their books as early as possible, to readopt the same textbooks and to consider low cost or free online alternatives.

We are excited to inform you that we have a new learning enablement platform (ebook reader) - BibliU!  Students can benefit from features such as deep-linking, note synchronisation across all devices, annotation, highlighting, referencing, sophisticated search functionality, offline downloads, and the ability to search notes.

To find out how to increase student engagment through content interactivity using BibliU, please watch this video.

To learn more about BibliU study tools, and accessibility features, please watch this video.

Sales and Events Reminder Service

Sales and Events Reminder Service

Each term the Bookstore receives hundreds of telephone calls and emails requesting exact dates of annual promotions and notices. Be the first to know about Sales and Events by signing up for our Reminder Service.

There are many additional tasks available to Faculty through this site. Use the menu on the left side of the screen to access additional resources.

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