Communication Cycle

Since 1909 The Campus Bookstore at Queen’s has been a student owned, not-for-profit enterprise.

The Board of Directors come from our community and includes Students, Faculty, Senate and Trustee representatives.

The Mission of the Bookstore is to provide required course materials at the lowest prices possible. To that end we encourage Faculty to adopt their books as early as possible, to readopt the same textbooks and to consider low cost or free online alternatives.

Bookstore processes and communications are designed to ensure required materials are available at the lowest cost possible the first day of each term.

1. Adoption Reminder Email

The reminder contains links for quick re-adoption of the materials used in the previous course or term. The email contains links to online forms and resources useful for new title adoption. Early adoptions of the same title allows the bookstore to repurchase used books from students at higher prices. Early adoption of new titles allows the bookstore to ensure course materials are in place for the beginning of each term. Frequency of reminder: Each month until adoption is received.

2. Stock Alert

The email contains price details, competitive price details and current library status. Regrettably, each year up to 10% of textbooks adoptions are received from faculty after the start of classes. Domestic publisher lead times during peak periods are as long as 3 weeks. The Bookstore processes all shipments in under 6 business hours. Stock alerts for late adoptions are sent when books are placed on store shelves. Frequency of reminder: 1 email per title per term.

3. Textbook List

The email contains links to alternative sources and information regarding the materials which may include: on-line competitive prices and availability, library availability, materials available in student classifieds, free digitized public domain versions of materials and course websites. Faculty often forward this email to their class list server. Frequency of reminder: one email per term per course/section.

4. Acquisition Alert

Sent to faculty when the sales of the required textbook for a class falls below averages for the school. Historically, the bookstore sells about 60 percent of the total class registration. Frequency of reminder: 1 email per title per term.

5. BuyBack Alert

Sent to faculty to encourage the re-adoption the same textbook for use in subsequent courses. The bookstore repurchases current edition textbooks from students at the end of each term. Students receive about 50% of the original price if the title is readopted for a course at Queen's, about 30% if the book is readopted at another participating Canadian school and about 15% if adopted by a US School. Early adoption of textbooks results in lower costs of course materials for our students. Frequency of reminder: one email per term.


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