eBooks and Access Codes

eBooks and Access Codes

The Campus Bookstore at Queen's University is pleased to offer a selection of our titles in eBook format.

With the recent necessity for remote course delivery, and the development of alternative solutions, students need access to a variety of course material choices.  We at the Campus Bookstore are doing our best to help by sourcing digital course materials for students whenever possible.

The Campus Bookstore is a subscriber to Campus eBookstore; a software as service platform developed in Canada for the delivery of digital commercial course  materials, access codes, etexts, open educational resources, custom course packs, and faculty authored content.

Campus eBookstore (owned and operated by North American Higher Education Institutions) is a mature and stable digital distribution platform currently in place at over 60 Canadian post-secondary institutions.  Campus eBookstore partners with education publishers and open educational resource providers to deliver approximately 300,000 units each year.

The Campus Bookstore can facilitate most digital formats and most commercial and free models - instore, online and/or incorporate links to materials through  course websites and email lists.

We are excited to inform you that we have a new learning enablement platform (ebook reader) - BibliU!  Students can benefit from features such as deep-linking, note synchronisation across all devices, annotation, highlighting, referencing, sophisticated search functionality, offline downloads, and the ability to search notes.  For more information on BibliU click here.