Frequently Asked Questions

Used books are one of the few competitive alternatives to the high costs of new textbooks. The bookstore encourages instructors to adopt text books early and to adopt the same textbook. Early textbook adoptions allow the bookstore to procure more used copies for sale in subsequent terms. Typically the bookstore will repurchase textbooks which are adopted for course at Queen’s for 50 percent of the original price, 30 percent if the book is adopted on a campus elsewhere in Canada, and 15-30 percent if the book is in demand at US schools. Frequently students can buy or sell used books in peer to peer networks at more favorable prices than the bookstore can offer. The bookstore hosts student used book classifieds as part of the web site and integrates peer to peer networks into textbook search results. Buying used books and reselling the same books at the end of a term can reduce textbook costs for students by over 50 percent.

The bookstore monitors the current value of used textbooks. The value of used books increase as they are re- adopted in Canada and at Queen’s. The highest value is realized at the point of re-adoption by the instructor. Consequently the highest buy back prices occur at the end of a term. Students are encouraged to register all textbooks in the buy-back alert system which will email customized buy back lists at selected times throughout the year.

Do you have a textbook you no longer need? Looking to make cash on that textbook? Don't want to mail your book away somewhere and wait for your Cash?

Several Campus Bookstores have merged their Textbook buy-back lists for access by students on or near participating Schools.

The purpose of the facility is to increase the resale market for used books, to make more used books available for resale at Campus Bookstores at reduced prices, and to provide more options for students to help manage their textbook budget.

FAQ List

How is price determined?

The pricing formula is simple. Generally if a book is used on your home campus or at a participating store near your home campus you will receive approximately 50% of the price of the current new book price. We call that the "Home Price". If the book is being used at a campus elsewhere you will receive 30% of the current new book price. We call that the "away price".

What can I do if I find the price offered too low?

If the book has not yet been adopted on any campus you can list the books, in fact, you can list all of your books in BuyBack Alerts. As soon as a participating campus adds the title you will be notified by email of the price.